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Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

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Dress in drag(on). Built from a small roll of lightweight silky kind of fabric.
Baggy fit for maximum comfort, these are an updated take on the original Limpies pant. As a part of our "Soft Launch" there are currently no returns or exchanges.

Made in California.

Size Chart

Model shown is 6'-3" wearing size L-XL.

Note: Limpies run large naturally, so size up or down for your preferred bagginess. The size label refers to the pant size, not the body they cover.

S/M 30-32" 9-11 30"
M/L 32-34" 11-13 30"
L/XL 34-36" 13-15 32"
XL/HUGE 38"+ 17+ 32"


Friends & neighbors, these are NOT a replica of the original Limpies pant design. That was the plan, but thru a lot of R&D we ended up with a pant that just feels right, stays up, and rides hard all while staying true to the original Limpies comfort like you’re wearing nothing.

  • Classic Limpies back pocket with OG label.
  • Made from either surplus military, designer, or random locally found fabrics.
  • Faux Fly (no zippper needed)
  • No side-seam that restricts your movement.
  • Double stitched in-seam and crouch to prevent blowouts.
  • Nylon webbing waistband with ½” Plastic camlock to hold in place.
  • Deep and easy front pockets.


Proper care of your LIMPIES is the key to their longevity. A long life means more hours of unmatched comfort, mind-at-EZness and an all-around state of chill.

  • Machine wash in cold water 
  • Hang dry, or just take it easy with the dryer
  • Do Not Iron

Oh yes! Beware of imitations! Denounce the scums! Insist on genuine LIMPIES, the baggiest, damn comfy pants, again.

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still baggy but


We've redesigned the originals to be straight-legged but kept the wide waist for ultimate comfort. Like before, there's no seam on the outer leg but the in-seam is double stitched to prevent blowouts.

buckle up and

get waisted

We moved on from drawstrings by adding a small buckle that locks down on a durable nylon waistband.

In keeping with tradition since 1987

these are small batch runs

With the exception of some of the more popular colors, most of our pants are made from deadstock or found rolls of righteous, unique fabrics. We make what we can and when the stock runs out, that’s probably the last you’ll see of it.